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 Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters Conference 2015

                      Acaraya Dermatology Skin Care

Preparing another successful community outreach program to uplift and motivate our community to know the issues and respond to the quest for making a difference for one another!

Dr. Mark Lobaugh and Dr. Charles N. Verheyden will be 2 special guests for 2015 upcoming community programs. 




Acarayaź Dermatology Skin Care
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Acaraya® Clinical Skin Care Products: Medical Aesthetics FACE®

Acaraya®  Clinical Skin Care Products are efficacious, patient-client oriented and  will enhance any physicians, nurse and aestheticians Facial Aesthetics program. Acaraya® was created and developed by Anna D. Rinehart.  After years watching, listening, observing  and attending the international conferences  for aesthetics , Ms. Anna D. Rinehart had garnered much information regarding  clinical formulations of skin care products. She spent a year working with the chemists and formulators to present a skin care wash that was safe, therapeutic and could be dispensed within a physicians practice.
The product is a unique blend of AHA/ Lactic Acid  destined to rid the skin of cosmetic debris, dirt, environmental damage , built up moisturizers and permits the skin to have a beautiful sheen to the outer layers.  Acaraya® means "teacher". It is an ancient word used to descibe a change within oneself. As mysterious as the hidden meanings of Acaraya® can have...there is no hidden science of how this product works to enhance the epidermis appearance ( stratum corneum ).

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The Acaraya® Triple Amino Acids Mosturizer  has a unique blended moisturizing active ingredients to help fight free radicals that damage the skins natural healthy glow. This moisturizer will significantly enhance the outward appearance of the stratum corneum permitting the Natural Moisturizing Factors ( barrier ) to protect the skin from losing moisture.

The moisturizer is intended to be used to the eye , face and neck areas. It will diminish the tired, dull appearance of the skin. The unique blend of antioxidants matrixyl, urea, lipoic acid, and lactic permits the products to nourish the skin  and to protect the skin from moisture loss.

How to use Acaraya® Clinical Skin Care Products: Skin Care Specialist

The physician, nurse, nurse-aesthetician should be sure that the hair is wrapped for client-patient care. The client should have minimal cosmetics on the skin when entering your program for treatment.

Wrap the  hair. Remove makeup with eye pads, lip pads and aesthetic sponges for the face. Apply Acaraya® Clinical Skin Care Wash to the hands and begin to deeply remove all debris from the skin ( Face/Neck/Declotte ). Use the clinical techniques from chest to neck to face and wash throughly before rinsing.  Once the skin is washed/rinsed/dried then apply specialized treatment for the client for eyes and neck ( use a vial of elastin ).  Leave on skin 15 minutes , rinse and apply Acaraya® Triple Moisturizer. Your skin will be fresh and plump! There is a natural glow to the skin... no matter the age!

Acaraya® Clinical Skin Care Program for Aestheticians

Aestheticians needing to have clinical washes and triple amino acid moisturizers can purchase the products for their phyisicians medical aesthetics skin health and wellness centers directly by submitting the e-mail subscriptions for costs and quantity.

 Call 1-888-769-3223 Medical Aesthetics FACE®  or e-mail anna-dee@hot.rr.com



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