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Medical Aesthetics FACE @ Seton

Doctors of every medical speciality background have the ability to diversify their present medical practice to implement a Medical Aesthetics Program. Since the inception of its term, definition and conceptual infancy; doctors have began to accept the realization that Medical Aesthetics can facilitate the positive outcomes of their patients.

A family practice, internal medicine, emergency room physician, anesthesiology, general practice, facial plastic surgeons and psychiatric physician could develop a fully developed Medical Aesthetics Program . What is the common denominator of every medical doctor that supports their ability to implement a program that utilizes their medical background and supports their patients? Bottom line it is the nurse-aesthetician. If, physicians would evaluate their present practice they would find that a Medical Aesthetics FACE® Program benefits their present patient care base through delivering a clinical skin care treatments that goes beyond equipment, products, surgery and  standardized dermatology medical care.

A doctor can help promote the Medical Aesthetics FACE® Program through its basic 5 principles.

The 5 Principles of Medical Aesthetics Practice : Harker Heights, Texas Prevention, Beauty, Health, Medicine, Maintenance

Presently, the general public has two options as it relates to their Facial Aesthetics concerns.One, they can go to a dermatologist. If, they have a skin disease then they are in the right office. If, they enter the office of a Dermatologist, in most cases, they will have approximately 7 minutes to have their concerns expressed, assessed and provided a medication . You have to be referred (takes time), pay a fee for the first doctor to just have a referral and waiting for an appointment can be weeks to months. It is a fact that women would be more likely see a physicians Medical Aesthetics Center staffed with a nurse-aesthetician for their Facial Aesthetic concerns than waiting for a referral and be seen by a dermatologist. Why? Because a physician can often evaluate the skin care needs of a patient through a Medical Aesthetics Health and Wellness Center so much easier than seeing a dermatologist. The services that this kind of doctor would be offering would not compete with the present care offered by the dermatologist.

Doctors within a Medical Aesthetics Center can refer a patient/client if a dermatologist is needed.


It is a fact that the general public would like to have a comprehensive clinical skin care management program offered through their " Family Practice" doctor based on preventing a" worsening aesthetic condition. While most doctors are used to dealing with death and dying, triage, surgery, medications and possible litagations; within this concept of Medical Aesthetics Centers the doctor or nurse-aesthetician are less likely to have to deal with " sickness" and lawsuits.

Women want their daughters to learn how to care for their skin at an early age. Where do they go? Malls and " oversell programs" is their only existing option.




Women are bombarded with beauty programs. Hollywood has such a powerful influence on what young girls and adult women think should look like. Within a Medical Aesthetics Center a physician could influence a powerful change in womens " fragmented sense of self"


Men, women and young boys could enter a Medical Aesthetics Health and Wellness center and know that their Doctor is able to provide them a service that could not be taken serious through mainstream medicine. Imagine a healthier society because their Doctor was now cosidering concerns of personal image as a " skin health issue" and not always necessitating medication, surgery or possible psychiatric evaluation.


Doctors, nurses and aestheticians within a Medical Aesthetics Cocept and Practice  would be offering Society at large  a Skin Health  Care Program that would center around the individuals need(s) that would effectually maintain a healthy skin.


Physicians working to develop their Medical Aesthetics FACE® practice  can do so with the realization that it does not subtract from their  standard practice but rather provides their patients medicine not out of a bottle, pill or cosmetic. Rather, the medicine that physicians offer in this kind of devlopmental program offers their patients/clients and patrons a Comprehensive, Personalized, Individualized Clinical Skin Care Management.

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