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Medical Aestheticians

The aesthetician is licensed to perform non-invasive facial aesthetic procedures . The medical aesthetician working in a Medical Aesthetics Program have obtained specialized training for a pleothra of extrinsic aging conditions utilizing sophisticated clinical management skills and beauty therapy modalities. The medical aesthetician performs basic skin care facials and expansive clinical skills that agument a positive outcome and promotes an ongoing comprehensive clinical skin care management process.This specialized aesthetician is not the kind of specialist that would work in a typical beauty salon or beauty spa. This Licensed Skin Care Professional desires to work among medical professionals to practice their beauty and clinical skills. They are the skin care specialist of choice for Medical Aesthetics Hospitals, MedSpaMD, Medical Spa and Skin Helath and Wellness Centers developed with doctors.

Physicians would want this kind of medical aesthetician as a part of their team and nurses invite their knowledge as it relates to the continuity of the Nursing Process.

Medical Aestheticians work with physicians and nurses. They have a speciality license that does permit them to have their own business practice. This office can be a Skin Care Consulting Firm, a Skin Health and Wellness Center, Facial Aesthetics Salon, or Cosmetic Stores. Techniques acquired in the Medical Aesthetics armenatatrium complement the physicians facial aesthetics program .

The medical aestheticians, physicians and nurses all work in a synchronized concept based on the 5 Principles of the Medical Aesthetics Concept and Vision

 " Prevention, Maintenance, Medicine, Beauty and Health "


Medical Aestheticians License

Presently, there is no license for the medical aesthetician that is regulated by any medical or aesthetics licensing board. There are however, medical aesthetics speciality certifications that are provided by  Medical Aesthetics FACE®  Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education ©. This program provides doctors, nurses and aestheticians a non-product endorsed program therefore, it gives the physician, nurse and aesthetician an opportunity to learn the Dynamic Clinical Skills and Facial Aesthetic procedures  without pushing products and equipment. This program has been presenting since 1992. It has grown in depth, knowledge, experience and nderstanding of how the medical aesthetician can become integrated within the health care system which will eventually lead to a license.

Medical Aesthetician ( LPN/RN )

The nurse that has obtained specialized facial aesthetic skills/certification can be assured physicians will easily integrate their specialized training within their Medical Aesthetics Program. Here is a direct opportunity for the LPN and RN to work together performing procedures that aids in " patient care " .It requires each licensee to work a different dynamics of patient-client-patron scenario. Some nurses enter the program and become disgruntled because they know their nursing skills and find it difficult to address patron-client relationship. The patient-client-patron concept is not dealing with " sickness, disease or death and dying. This  can make nurse feel uneasy about " busines and medicine".

Many nurses on the other hand understand business, communiction skills, marketing and  facial aesthetics procedures. They understand how the nurse and  medical aesthetician can develop a broader inter- working relatiosnhip that is not a part of their standardized training. Nurses can make an easier transition working with their "hands" when they master the Facial Aesthetic procedures offered with the Medical Aesthetics FACE® Program. 

Finally, Medical Aestheticians are a valuable resouce for the doctor developing their own Skin Health and Wellness centers. Doctors will choose a medical aesthetician for their program based on skills, safety measures,  contiunity of patient care, broad diversified educational and clinical expereince background.



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