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Medical Aesthetics FACE® Apprenticeship

Rinehart has trained over 1000 nurses, physicians and aestheticians throughout this world.


Medical Aesthetics FACE®

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 Harker Heights, Texas



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Clinical Aesthetician Education
1. Nurse-Aestheticians LPN/RN
2. Clinical Skin Care Treatments
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Clinical Skin Care Management
1. Nurses: LPN,RN, NP. Clinical Aestheticians
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Nurses Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education
1. Facial Aesthetics CEU
2. Nurse-Aesthetician
Medical Aesthetics Apprenticeships
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1-888-769-3223 or book your on-line services. You can reach Anna D. Rinehart @ 254-681-6328 office.
Medical Aesthetics FACE,® Clinical Skin Care Program is now fully integrated and recieving clients  @ 800 W. CenTex Expwy Suite 200 at the  Medical Pavilion @ Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights.
You may also book appointments for consults on tattoo reversal procedures and  non-laser skin rejuventation treatments.
Anna D. Rinehart was voted one of the Best Skin Care Provider 2013, Best of the Best Permanent Cosmetics 2013 and one of the best in Dermatology Skin Care services for 2013 in the same readers poll in central Texas.

Rinehart is an outstanding woman that cares for her clients with the highest level of skin care management without using long-term side effects of using antibiotics for young teen age girls.

Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program®: "Building stronger women for tomorrow "will be in full swing 2013. You may call the 888-769-3223 for a full schedule of speakers, subjects and place of presentations.

This community program provides a "No  Gang-Tattoo 4 Me " for any gang member that definitively seeks to change thier life. This procedure if done by others is thousands of dollars. Anna D. Rinehart established a 501-C3 program that provides these services at no cost to an x-gang member. Call 1-888-769-3223.

Rinehart and her fellow colleagues, perform another service for breast areolas establishment of women whom have had sufferd breast cancer .

Anna D. Rinehart, a woman that enjoys giving back to her community is evident through personalized skin care services which invite prayer as a part of the process. 

Dr. Mark Lobaugh a board certified Obstetrics Gynecologist at Seton Hospital will be a guest speaker for the December 2013 Mothers Teach Your Daughters Program being held in Killeen, Texas at the Shiloh Hotel. His subject will be " Fetal Developmnet: When a Woman brings a Child in the World". This will be a outstanding in content and presentation. Call 1-888-769-3223.

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Anna D. Rinehart established and implemented the Medical Aesthetics FACE program at the Seton Medical Center in Harker Heights, Texas  in 2013.

Who is Anna D. Rinehart

Anna D. Rinehart, CIDESCO Diplomat, Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed CEU Provider, Licensed Facial Aesthetics Instructor,  former Licensed Practical Nurse, Author: Fundamentals and Practice of Medical Aesthetics,  author; Medical Aesthetics Clinical Skin Care Practice, Contributing author Dermascope Magazine since 1987,  first CEU program developed  @ Central Texas College in KIlleen, Texas, first  Paramedical Aesthetics Program @ Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas through the Division of Plastic Surgery  under Dr. Charles N. Verheyden, Chief of Plastic Surgery, first Medical Aesthetics books ever documented and established to teach physicians, nurses and aestheticians how to establish skin care programs that facilitate skin care health versus "facials" , medication and surgery. Rinehart served as the Coordinator for Medical Aesthetics @ the Sue Mayborn Womens Center for over 2 1/2 years in Killeen, Texas as well.

She developed Acaraya® Clinical Skin Care Products and has presented as an  international speaker and educator for the Chinese Cosmetology & Medical Esthetics, Mexican Pan-American Esthetics, ( Guadalajara, Mexico). Developed and implemented a Medical Aesthetics practice under the Central Texas Clinical Skin Care Center in Harker Heights , Texas and Killeen, Texas. She developed Medical Aesthetics FACE® Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education for Austin, Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas and Dallas, Texas.Within these programs Anna D. Rinehart was able to attract physicians, nurses and aestheticians from around the world to learn how Medical Aesthetics as a clinical skin care practice could augment physician practices, promote skin care health as a speciality for nurses and aestheticians and ultimately benefit their communities by offering  not a medication, not a new skin care product or pushing women to have surgery but rather giving women the tools needed to look thier best at any age. Anna D. Rinehart is a pioneer for Medical Aesthetics, an advocate for women to have options in thier appearance and a commited skin care instructor  for aestheticians.

Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program

Outstanding community program developed to bring mothers and daughters together both for a bonding opportunity as well a an ability to learn how the skin functions as an organ, proper skin care techniques, as well as many variety of subjects that teach the mother and daughter to care for thier aesthetics now. Find out more through calling 1-888-769 -3223 .If, you would like to speak at one of these seminars then feel free to contact Anna D. Rinehart @ anna-dee@hot.rr.com or medicalaestheticsface@gmail.com.

Medical Aesthetics FACE® Apprenticeship Program

This program accepts physicians, nurses and aestheticians on a 5 day /50 hour "Hands-On" skin care skills development.

All applicants must submit an application/registration as a first step to secure their seat. Second , the licensed physician, nurse, and/or aesthetician should call 1-888-769-3223 to speak directly with Anna D. Rinehart, Director for the Medical Aesthetics FACE® program. in Harker Heights, Texas. 


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